Corporate Sponsors

Jim Crawford Construction Co., Inc.

Jim Crawford Construction Co Inc. has been a family owned and operated business in Clovis since 1980. Jim Crawford Construction Co Inc. history of team effort began back when Jim Crawford, Sr. started Crawford Construction twenty-seven years ago. During the past twenty-seven years Jim Crawford Construction Co Inc. Shelly Crawford, a principle of Jim Crawford Construction, has been a major contributor to the Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program. Shelly has dedicated an endless amount of time, as twice Past President, and as a long time board member. The direct individual support and the tremendous financial assistance from Jim Crawford Construction and Shelly Crawford, has helped the program grow to its highest levels. The construction community and the CICPP board of directors would like to thank Shelly Crawford and Jim Crawford Construction for their continued support to helping us all "Stop Construction Crime."


Kroeker, Inc.

Welcome to our complete and full service company. For over 34 years, we have grown to serve California and its adjacent states. As a woman owned, specialty contractor, our services include demolition, debris removal, concrete cutting and coring, tree removal and grinding, concrete and rock crushing, C & D recycling, and a complete roll-off container service. Kroeker, Inc. has been a major supporter of the effort to stop construction crime. Jill Kroeker, has held many offices on the board of directors, she has donated extensive time and resources to CICPP and has been an invaluable source to help "Stop Construction Crime." The construction community and the CICPP board of directors would like to thank Jill Kroeker and Kroeker, Inc. for the extensive effort and financial resources they have committed to CICPP.



Alert-O-Lite was founded in 1971 by Eddie F. Hunsaker and his partner, Jack E. Jensen. The target market was the general contractor, and the business was centered around traffic control and supplies. Since that time, Alert-O-Lite has serviced California from Morro Bay to Bakersfield. Alert-O-Lite has always been, and still is, family owned and operated. The children of Eddie F. Hunsaker were involved from the company's inception. Upon his passing in 1992, his family continues to lead and expand the operations of the business; while continuing to fulfill his dreams. Alert-O-Lite, has been a major supporter of the effort to stop construction crime. Debbie Hunsaker, has held many offices on the board of directors. The CICPP board of directors would like to thank Debbie Hunsaker for her extensive effort and financial resources she has committed to CICPP.


Tulare & Kings Counties Builders Exchange

Tulare & Kings Counties Builders Exchange was established in 1948, and has grown from humble beginnings to be a viable force in the construction industry and in the surrounding communities our members help build. Today, TKCBE has over 500 members who represent every facet of construction-related services. We serve our members by providing them with referrals from individuals and businesses seeking quality construction-related services. Our extensive range of services enable members to not only keep pace with the competition, but to also develop professional relationships that improve their capabilities and long-term success. CICPP is proud to have Tulare & Kings Counties Builders Exchange as a partner.


Trans-America Fresno

At Trans-America Translation Services I understand that "Communication is Key" and communication with your Spanish speaking clientele is sometimes a challenge. For this reason I am here to provide translation and interpreting services for companies and individuals. If you or your company are in need of on-site interpreting with your Spanish speaking clients or need documents translated, please give me a call.                                                                      .


Teichert Construction

Teichert Construction, Our Contractor's License number is 8, the oldest active license in the state. We are a general contractor that builds the infrastructure most people use every day, including hundreds of thousands of miles of roads, sidewalks, freeways, curbs, utility trenches, and gutters. With our team of highly skilled employees, extensive fleet of equipment, safety record, and commitment to providing high quality work on time - or ahead of schedule - Teichert Construction is dedicated to customer service. Teichert stays on the cutting edge, from training our employees to outfitting our construction equipment with the latest technology for greater job efficiency. Keith Jolly the Vice President of Safety of the Central Region for Teichert Construction has committed an endless amount of time, as a Board Member and has helped in the reorganization of CICPP. CICPP is proud to have Teichert Construction as a Corporate Sponsor.


Der Manouel Insurance Group

Der Manouel Insurance Group celebrates 30 years of excellence this year, and their excitement and passion for providing both reactive and proactive services continues to grow. Der Manouel Insurance Group, is dedicated to providing the protection that clients need at the best premium level possible. The commitment to providing unparalleled service is evidenced by their in house loss control consultants and claims advocates who enhance their staff of experienced insurance professionals. In addition to live, on-worksite and seminar style training, DMIG provides web based support and service to clients through Zywave© - MyWave portals, giving them in instant access to thousands of risk management, human resource, compliance and employee communication solutions that are appropriate for any size employer. CICPP is proud to have Der Manouel Insurance Group as a partner and values their extensive efforts, resources, and commitments to CICPP.


Pipkin Detective Agency

Pipkin Detective Agency is dedicated to professional, diligent, and effective service. Our Special Investigators are fully Licensed, Trained, and Motivated. Our special units perform all forms of investigative services from small business needs to fortune 100 companies. Our units provide services to grand juries, police agencies and other governmental agencies. We also provide services to law firms, the public and other entities outside the borders of the United States of America. CICPP is proud to have Pipkin Detective Agency as a partner.


Western Executive Protection

Western Executive Protection (WEP) is dedicated to the most professional service possible. Our staff consists of current and previous law enforcement who have a proven record and commitment to public safety and the protection of you and your assets. WEP Security Officers also have a current and up to date training record. Our goal is to keep you safe. We offer many security services including but not limited to Executive Protection, Short Term and Long Term Uniformed Services, Special Event Services, Mobile Services. CICPP is proud to have Western Executive Protection as a partner.


The Blue Book Building & Construction Network

Since 1913, The Blue Book of Building and Construction has been the construction industry's premier information source. The Blue Book, headquartered in Westchester County, New York, publishes regional construction directories in most major markets throughout the United States. Online, provides easy access to continually updated information for each of The Blue Book's regional editions. Construction buyers and sellers also have free access to BB-Bid, The Blue Book's online bid management system, complete with a private secure online plan room and integrated takeoff and markup tools. CICPP is proud to have The Blue Book as a partner.


Woodhams Construction

Woodhams Construction has been providing quality construction and other services since 1977. The many construction services offered range from design conception to steel building construction. We offer expertise in all areas of commercial and light industrial projects. Woodhams Construction is a multi faceted company with many large repeat customers. We pride ourselves in delivering the project to our clients on time and within budget. Woodhams Construction is dedicated to our work, to our clients, and our community. We pride ourselves in quality construction and timely completion. Woodhams Construction is always looking into the future and the new technologies that develop. Ed Woodhams has devoted an endless amount of time, as Past President, and a long time board member. The direct individual support and the tremendous financial assistance from Ed Woodhams Construction, has helped the program develop to its utmost levels. The construction community and the CICPP board of directors would like to thank Ed Woodhams for his continued support to CICPP for helping us all "Stop Construction Crime."



KRC was established in 1978, having less that (100) barricades in inventory. Originally known as Kaweah River Construction, the name was later changed to KRC after its founder Ken Ray Castro. Ken "Chief" Castro passed away on January 13, 1985. He is kept in memorandum by a memorial sticker placed on all our vehicles. Today KRC is owned and operated by Ken's son Gary Castro and Ken's wife Peggy Castro. The company has over 40 people and continues to grow year after year. Many of original employees are still with KRC and feel just like family. The construction community and the CICPP board of directors would like to thank Gary Castro for his continued support to CICPP for helping us all "Stop Construction Crime."


Central Valley Asphalt

Central Valley Asphalt specializes in all aspects of the asphalt industry. We utilize the appropriate machinery tailored to any particular application from our complete line of equipment ranging from the asphalt profiler to the asphalt recycler. Central Valley Asphalt is a unique company prepared with all the latest equipment and offering an extensive selection of services for our valued customers. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers' needs. By eliminating subcontractors we save our customers time and money.

As a leader in paving industry, Central Valley Asphalt has been providing the most comprehensive and professional asphalt and concrete paving services available for over 15 years. Central Valley Asphalt specializes in asphalt resurfacing, patchwork, seal coating, striping, concrete installation and tennis court resurfacing for residential and commercial properties throughout the entire Central Valley and Central Coast.

Royal Detection K-9 Services

Royal Detection

The Construction Industry Crime Prevention of Central California is proud to have RD K9 Royal Detection K-9 Services as a Corporate Sponsor.  Royal Detection K-9 Services is dedicated to providing a level of service unmatched in the industry. Our professional K-9 handlers each have vast experience in the detection and location of narcotics and contraband. Our handlers are prior law enforcement K-9 handlers, certified as Drug Recognition Experts; giving you the peace of mind that experience and industry knowledge are the foundation behind every search. You will be confident that our searches will be thorough, consistent, and conducted with a level of professionalism no other service can offer.  Our dogs are hand selected only after passing a rigorous testing criteria, ensuring their ability to search and alert to the odor of narcotics as well as handguns and ammunition on a reliable basis.  The vision of Royal Detection K-9 Services comes down to value. We value safety. We value the freedom to live, work and learn in a drug free environment. We value the importance of a job done right.


Green Fin Realty

Green Fin Realty

The Construction Industry Crime Prevention of Central California is honored to have Green Fin Realty as a corporate sponsor.  Green Fin Realty’s vision is to serve all CICP members and to make a positive impact on buying or selling homes.  Whether CICP members are buying or selling, Green Fin Realty looks forward to meeting your needs and empowering you to make good decisions and choices. We provide personal attention and are very responsive. We have the local knowledge, data and neighborhood expertise to facilitate a successful transaction.  We service the Fresno/Clovis area as well as the outlying communities and foothills.

Nation & Badilla Investigations

Nation & Badilla

Nation & Badilla (NB) Investigations is an independent, private investigation firm, specializing in background investigations and workplace misconduct investigations. In this current employment environment it is in the best interest of employers to thoroughly screen prospective employees. Customers and the general public view employees as representatives of the company. Responsible employers and managers should strive to hire employees who possess the personal attributes that represent the company in a professional manner. NB Investigations will work with employers to develop a screening process that is tailored to provide a background overview of the prospective employee and facilitate a responsible hiring decision. NB Investigations is also focused on providing assistance to employers when responding to complaints of employee misconduct, including allegations of harassment, discrimination, and hostile work environment. When a complaint asserting employee misconduct is received, it is critical to respond to that complaint expeditiously, with an objective and impartial investigation. NB Investigations employs over thirty years of training and experience to address the complaint while assisting the employer to ensure a professional work environment exists.