2' x 3' Reward Sign

This large 1/8" thick sign clearly displays the CICP message. It can be seen from a considerable distance.
Polyvinyl chloride material-weatherproof.
Item # RS-23
Cost - $45 each


18" x 24" Reward Sign
Weatherproof & durable, these signs are designed for fences. They display the CICP message "Up to $1,000 Reward for information resulting in the arrest, recovery, and/or restitution of stolen property..." Listing our Hotline Number.
Item # RS-1824
Cost - $25 each


4' x 4' Banner
Item # RB-44
Cost - $100 each


18" x 24" No Trespassing Parent Warning
"No Trespassing" is in 2 inch letters with the Hotline number listed. 'Parent warning' sign reminds parents of their responsibility and liability for damage caused by their children. Both made out of durable styrene.
Item # PW-1824 
Cost - $25 each


8' x 4' Banner
Item # RB-48
Cost - $175 each


"No Trespassing" Signs
Item # NT-1824
Cost - $25 each


Marking Your Equipment

What is an OAN (Owner Applied Number)

A system was established whereby each state and county is assigned a number that is recorded in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). A directory containing these numbers is available to each law enforcement agency for use in identifying the various states and counties.

The County Sheriff's Offices or Farm Bureau within each state will issue the remaining portion of the number to each individual. With this system the state and county can be located, and by contacting the local sheriff's office or farm bureau within the county the individual can be identified within minutes. These numbers are maintained by your local Law Enforcement Departments and the ACTION Project.

This system is devised to readily permit cooperation with law enforcement officials of other states by the use of an interstate computerized law enforcement communications system.

The ID number is composed of ten characters.

  • Example: CA0540152D
    • CA - Prefix for California
    • 054 - County NCIC assigned number
    • 0152 - John Doe's assigned number
    • D - First letter of last name

This information allows law enforcement agencies to locate equipment owners within any state and county in the United States, whether stolen equipment is found across the country or within the same county.

To learn more about the ACTION Project or to get your own OAN (Owner Applied Number), visit It only takes two minutes and it’s free.