Membership Benefits

Theft prevention is profit protection

What your membership dues provide for you and your company:

  1. We provide up to a $1,000.00 reward for information about theft and vandalism occurring at our member’s construction sites.
  2. We have a "HOT LIST" network comprised of industry members, law enforcement, suppliers, scrap metal yards and pawnshops. When theft or vandalism occurs, I will make up a flyer titled "THEFT/VANDALISM ALERT" that is emailed or faxed to everyone on our "HOT LIST".  I will also make up a flyer with information about the theft and rewards available and distribute the flyer in the neighborhood where the crime was committed.
  3. Marking tools and equipment - We provide information on the proper marking of tools and equipment and we have access to a stamping gun. I will go out to our member's equipment yard and show them how to stamp their equipment and assist by following with a camera to take pictures of all of their equipment and taking down serial numbers and verifying accuracy of their records.

We provide signs (for purchase) that describe the reward information.

  1. We provide decals for equipment (for purchase) with reward information and decals that state that their equipment has been marked for easy identification by law enforcement.
  2. Tailgate meetings. - We can talk to your employees about crime prevention and rewards available.
  3. Job site security - We can do a job site walk-through with you and discuss different options to secure your job sites.
  4. As a member you will be listed on our website and if you provide a service that would be beneficial to our members, we will post your company profile under our Resources page.
  5. You will be included in our Annual Membership Luncheon and our        Annual Golf Tournament invitation list.


Please help your company and us by stopping theft and vandalism in the construction industry.