Working to Stop Construction Crime!

Law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed due to the amount of crime today. The Construction Industry Crime Prevention Program has recognized this and has stepped forward. Along with industry members, we are working toward the prevention and reduction of construction crime.

The purpose of the CICP Program is to provide members with effective crime prevention tools such as employee education, site security options and a large network of members and partners working toward the same goals. Members of the CICP network are active participants who see theft prevention as a value to their bottom line. They also agree that coordinated efforts add strength to their common purpose.

Some of the ways that we accomplish this:

Anonymous Tips "Hotline" / Reward Program

Investigating officers and patrolmen know that a great number of crimes are never reported. The Construction Industry Crime Prevention "Hotline" provides incentive for citizens to get involved and report construction crime information.

This is How the Procedure Works...

  • A concerned citizen calls the Hotline.
  • An operator takes the appropriate information - allowing the caller to remain anonymous.
  • The Hotline operator contacts law enforcement immediately for crime in progress.

This is the backbone of the program - and it works! Locally we have paid out just over $100,000 in rewards with more than five million dollars in recoveries! If there is an "arrest, restitution or recovery of theft or vandalism of tools, equipment, materials or property" - belonging to a member company - a reward will be paid.

FAX / E-mail "Hot List" Network

CICP has established an E-mail/Fax Network comprised of industry members, law enforcement, suppliers, scrap metal yards and builder exchanges throughout the state. Within minutes of a reported loss to our office, literally hundreds of people within our industry and those protecting our industry are aware of the loss. Our theft reporting method enables us to inform our members, and also provide law enforcement with instant information about a reported construction crime.

Every year billions of dollars are lost as a result of construction theft. Heavy equipment, hand tools, materials including copper wire have been stolen from construction sites and yards.

CICPP wants you as our partner to help fight construction crime. As a member, you can have a direct impact on this growing crime problem. We are an established non-profit organization with a very specific mission - to fight construction crime. Our existence is totally dependent on your active participation. Make a difference in your industry!

Become a CICPP member today!

CICPP and its partners believe that working together on this issue will take us much farther than any one of us can go by working alone. Won't you join us?